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1. 3 React pitfalls and how to avoid them

You can improve your React app's speed with an understanding of three common performance pitfalls and simple solutions to avoid them.

2. Tricking React into rendering a function

Software developer Kent C. Dodds came up with a sorta-hacky React trick, and he created a CodeSandbox demo so you can try it out.

3. What full stack GraphQL looks like

Sashko Stubailo, open source engineering lead for Apollo at Meteor Development Group, lays out the GraphQL landscape and explains how all the tools fit together in this talk from the GraphQL Summit 2017.

4. Fluent 2018: Proposals due next Friday!

Fluent SpeakerThe O'Reilly Fluent Conference returns to San Jose June 11–14, 2018. If you've got ideas and insights to share on building a better web, we want to hear from you. But hurry; the deadline is next Friday, just over a week from today. Need some inspiration to get your thoughts out of your head and into our hands? Take a look at these examples of winning proposals. Then submit your ideas by December 8!

5. The ABCs of web APIs

Technologist Bruno Pedro provides an overview of the application programming interface to explain the evolution and nature of web APIs.

6. WTH is a PWA?

Even if you're working on progressive web apps, it can be hard to explain exactly what they are. Software developer Ben Halpern grapples with the nomenclature and explains why it's so hard to decipher in this post.

7. Browserless web design: Tips and tricks

"What happens when we take the web browser out of web browsing?" Mitch Lenton offers some tips and tricks for designing and developing PWAs in this piece from Smashing Magazine.

8. Headless browser testing: An introduction

Headless browser testing lets you run tests more quickly in a real browser environment; it gives you a more lightweight, less resource-intensive, and scripted automation that executes quickly. Here's how it's done.

9. New video: First Steps with React

First Steps with ReactWith this quick introductory video course, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with React. You'll gain hands-on experience as you set up a React project, see how React treats components as functions, learn how to create components and nest them inside other components, explore the concept of "state," and more. Start watching now on Safari, O'Reilly's online learning platform. (Not yet a member? Try it out free for 10 days—no credit card required.)

10. The hidden costs of JavaScript

Google engineering manager Addy Osmani explains that as we build sites that are more heavily reliant on JavaScript, we may find it takes a toll down the road. He lays out the costs of JavaScript and how a little discipline can help.

11. Feeling vulnerable? You're not alone.

Tim Kadlec parses the results of the first State of Open Source Security report, noting that 77% of the 433,000 sites analyzed use at least one frontend JavaScript library with a known security vulnerability. And if your site has one known vulnerability, the odds are that there are more. Here's his assessment of this problem and what can be done to address it.

12. Getting to zero bugs

When Andrew Fulton joined ConceptShare two years ago to head the quality team, he was met with a backlog of more than 350 documented bugs. Here's how he implemented a Zero Bug Policy, reached the zero bug milestone, and maintains the zero bug mindset.
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