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1. Fighting financial crime with AI

Simon Moss describes the innovations that increase detection of, and response to, criminal attacks on financial systems.

2. Deep learning: The interest is more than latent

"A recent survey of O'Reilly newsletter subscribers reveals that interest in deep learning is more than academic. But the skills shortages remain very real."

3. Google adds probabilistic programming tools to TensorFlow

In this post, the TensorFlow Probability team introduces their new suite of probabilistic programming features. Here's the code.

4. It's just math

Jana Eggers explains why AI shouldn't be feared, but must be understood.

+ It's the organization, stupid (Jana Eggers at the AI Conference in SF 2017)

5. Large-scale distributed neural network training through online distillation

With datasets getting larger, companies will want to speed up training times, especially for their entire dataset. Techniques like the codistillation described in this paper will make that easier to do.

Jupyter Pop-up in DC May 15

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6.  The revolution hasn't happened yet

"The idea that our era is somehow seeing the emergence of an intelligence in silicon that rivals our own entertains all of us—enthralling us and frightening us in equal measure. And, unfortunately, it distracts us." This is a great essay on AI by Michael Jordan.

+ Michael gave a keynote at the AI Conference in SF in 2017. (Full video on O'Reilly's Safari learning platform)

7. Beyond bots: How AI can drive social impact

Here are a few ways to integrate innovation and AI into your company's altruistic pursuits.

8. The Pentagon's AI center

The Pentagon is planning an AI center in order to streamline the department's many AI programs. "We're looking at a joint office where we would concentrate all of DoD's efforts, since we have a number of AI efforts underway right now. We're looking at pulling them all together," explains US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

9. 25 huge open datasets for deep learning

Want to improve your models? Take a look at these datasets you can use.

10. AI, ML, and Alexa can now analyze Call of Duty plays

A new Amazon Alexa Skill launched in beta uses machine learning to analyze and improve your gameplay in Call of Duty WWII.
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