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Introduction to Online Payments Risk Management Introduction to Online Payments Risk Management

Analyzing the Analyzers Analyzing the Analyzers

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Learning Java Learning Java, Fourth Edition

Functional JavaScript Functional JavaScript

Developing Backbone.js Applications Developing Backbone.js Applications

Bootstrap Bootstrap

Learning Python Learning Python, Fifth Edition

Python Cookbook Python Cookbook, Third Edition

Understanding and Using C Pointers Understanding and Using C Pointers

Introducing Elixir Introducing Elixir

Active Directory Active Directory, Fifth Edition

Designing Multi-Device Experiences Designing Multi-Device Experiences

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition

Graph Databases Graph Databases

Clojure Inside Out Clojure Inside Out

Interviewing Users Interviewing Users

GIMP 2.8 for Photographers GIMP 2.8 for Photographers

Linux System Programming Linux System Programming, Second Edition

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Functional JavaScript

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Free Webcasts: Meet Experts Online Perly Linked Lists: What they look like, and why bother Steven Lembark
Wednesday, June 19
1:00pm PT | 4:00pm ET

Linked lists are still useful even in the world of auto-extending arrays: for effective memory management and simpler threading. The first part of this webcast talk describes how to implement generic linked-list containers using Perl syntax; the second portion shows an efficient Object-oriented list manager that avoids the most common pitfalls of OO linked lists.
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Games Ebooks Great game design involves mastery of visuals, audio, navigation, and interfaces, all while keeping an engaging storyline and gameplay front and center. With game design titles from shop.oreilly.com, get practical advice on creating characters, props, environments, and more. For one week only, save 50% on selected game design ebooks and create games that rock.

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Leading Through Culture
Cultivate Conference
Cultivate is a one-day event for leaders (and aspiring leaders) at technology companies to hear directly from successful tech founders and managers, learn from each other, and come away inspired to build companies that make a difference.
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If you missed the O'Reilly Fluent Conference 2013 in San Francisco this past May, you can still catch every workshop, session, and keynote with this complete video compilation of the event. Catch up with this year's lineup of speakers—seasoned pros as well as notable newcomers—as they share their expertise with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and related technologies that power the Web.

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